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Blue or Pink, what do you think? The world of Gender Reveals.

Planning on how to tell the world the big news with a bang? Whether you’re already pregnant or just planning ahead, we’ve got you covered. I have three kids and with each child, the ways I shared the news was less and less exciting and I actually genuinely regret not making a bigger effort to go nuts and spread the news in a fun way. With Pinterest around, there really was no excuse other than I always ended up being too excited to wait and put something fun together. With my first born son, I shot everyone a quick text with a picture of some blocks that said “BOY”. With my second son, it was a picture of a cute pair of shoes that belonged to my first born with the added caption “ I guess we will be getting more use out of these after all”. Nothing special right? Finally, my biggest let down of all was when I found out we were pregnant with my daughter. I just posted a Facebook status of “Holy sh*t it’s a girl”. Okay, it’s not one of my prouder moments, but it got the message out there. Why though, didn’t I just put some dang pink balloons in a box and shove my swollen body into a cute dress for some pictures?  Ladies, listen to me carefully! Go Nike and JUST DO IT! It’s worth it and you’ll regret it if you don’t. Even if it costs a little money, takes some extra time or the guy at the balloon shop knows what you’re having before you, JUST DO IT!! It’s fun for everyone. So, I’m determined to not let anyone else make the same mistakes I did (I had THREE chances!!). I have compiled a list of 10 creative gender reveals.  Grab a pen and paper because here they come.

1. Cupcake Bananza 

This happens to be a personal favorite of mine.  This works best if you have a big family or a lot of guests attending your gender reveal.  All you need is 3 boxes of cakes mix (depending on the number of guest you have), some icing and a splash of food coloring. For this game to be enjoyed to its fullest level of enjoyment, you need a TON of cupcakes. I suggest using the itty bitty cupcake pans- you know, the bite sized ones.  Bake your cupcakes and once cooled, top them all off with white, yellow or green frosting – think gender neutral. Before, you icing them all, take one cupcake, cut a hole in the bottom and pipe some coloured icing- pink or blue. Place all the cupcakes on a table. You need to have way more cupcakes than amount of guests at the party. So if you have 10 guests, I would have at least 100 mini cupcakes. Sounds like a lot of work but trust me, when you and all your guests are biting your way through one hundred cupcakes, trying to be the first to find the colour filled cupcake, you’ll be glad you spent the time.

2. Cupcake Pass 

This is essentially the same idea, but you won’t need to set aside 13839 hours baking 300 cupcakes as you only need one per person. Each guest grabs a cupcake and the entire party takes the first bite at the same time. The fun is you don’t know who it will be- grandpa, Aunt Sally, little cousin Mikey? Who knows?

3. Balloon Release

Okay so admittedly this is neither my idea or all that unique but its adorable so I felt the need to share. It’s pretty straight forward, you fill a decorated box with balloons of either pink or blue (or both if that’s what you’re carrying) and then open the box and release them in front of the party or photographer. Like many others, this reveal lets you decide if you want to find out the gender first, plan it yourself to show others, or have the doctor write the gender on a paper and deliver it to the party store and ask them to insert them in the box for you. Don’t forget to decorate the box all cute-sy!

4. Outfit Change

If you have the gender written on a paper that you haven’t seen yet, go to the store and pick out two baby outfits; one for a boy and one for a girl. Hand the paper to the cashier and tell her to put the appropriate outfit in a gift bag and cover it with tissue. This helps if you pick two outfits with the same dollar amount so the gender won’t be given away when you pay for it. Have her put the receipt in the bag as well so you don’t peek. Take it home and open it up in front of your friends and family!

5. Bath Bombs 

Nowadays, you can literally get anything made online. Search your social media accounts for Mom Craft Pages and find one that makes bath bombs. You could also easily find instructions online to make it yourself if you’re the creative type. So there is a couple ideas here, you can get one made and drop it in a warm romantic bath with the hubby. If your party is in the summer, you could throw it in an inflatable pool in front of everyone or simply put it in a bowl while everyone is watching. A fun alternative plan is to get a bunch of little bombs made for everyone at the party and much like the cupcake idea, only have one bomb that releases a color. Everyone throws it in a cup and then BAM! your cousin Ethel is crying because you’re are having a girl.

6. Tally the Tales

There are a ton of old wives tales that are said to predict a baby’s gender. Holding the ring over the belly, if you’re carrying high or low, do you crave sweet or salty, etc. You can have your friends and family over and go through them all together, keeping a tally. People could even cast their votes at the end and then you drop the bomb and let everyone know if those old tales have any truth to them.

 7. Scavenger Hunt 

Got a particularly fun group of people? Create a fun scavenger hunt around the house or around the neighborhood. Have them find fun things and clues that are all baby and pregnancy related. Maybe they have to solve puzzles and riddles along the way that have to do with parenthood. Like, how much Tylenol is needed for a baby who is 15 months old with a fever or what to do when a baby is constipated?  Go in the house and make an edible jar of mushy peas. Get creative! At the end, the fastest team/individual to get their way through the hunt will find a treasure box with your baby’s gender inside!

 8. Music Video

Get creative with your rhythms and make a cover to a popular song about your pregnancy and journey to become parents. At the end, throw in a little part about what you’re expecting.

“Now Watch me Whip, Watch me Nae Nae. Watch me Pick up my Bay-bay “

9. Dress it up 

Can you get your hands on a nuns costume or big bath robe or something that will hide the color of what you’re wearing? If so, get dressed up with your partner in pink or blue from head to toe. As much as you can wear and still cover up. Have someone look you over to make sure you’re not having a color slip. Hang around the party for a while and greet your entire guest in your invisibility cloak. Then put some awesome music on and flash everyone with your tell all baby colored attire!

10. Hide and seek 

Give everyone an invitation to your gender reveal party, but don’t tell them the location. Let them all know that an hour before the event, you’ll be sending everyone a message with a riddle or a few clues to where your location might be. You can make it as hard or as easy as you want, it all depends on the level of adventure you feel your group might be into.  (Alternatively, you could all meet at your house, divide into teams and give them the clues there). Once people arrive to the venue, have the place decorated from wall to wall in pink or blue.

Alright folks, there you have it! I tried hard to be creative and come up with new and unique ideas for some great gender reveals. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how you tell everyone, but if you can manage to have a little fun with it, why not?

– Vicky M.

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