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A Letter to our Egg Donor

W e want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts but we feel like we are unable to find the words to fully express to you how grateful, thankful and in awe we are of you! The words Thank You do not even reach close to how we feel.

We appreciate the desire to keep this process anonymous, we do however want you to know a condensed version of how we got here to maybe help you understand what you are readily doing for us.

We have been together for 14 years and of those, married for 4. We never had a reason to believe we would ever have any difficulties getting pregnant. But when we started to try without success I quickly became concerned. We are now in year 4 having done 6 IUI, 4 IVF, 2 miscarriages and a complete cruel roller coaster deep. To try and describe this journey would be useless; to say the least we have never known such heartache, confusion, devastation, anxiety and everything else in between. We were always told infertility can tear couples apart so we were careful and determined to not let that happen, and even though our lows were low we have become such a strong couple because it all.

And then we come to our decision of egg donation. The natural instinct took a while to adjust but we are both so excited now that we are not just ready but we are relieved.


You, our unknown friend, have literally breathed life back into us. How does someone say thank you for that? We feel like we can move forward with our lives, we actually have hope again! You are giving us so much more than an egg donation, please know that, its life! There is no greater gift.

When we had our counselling session we were excited to know that any donations made will be made known, and even though we will never know you or anyone else involved we really do feel a part of something very special. And a few years ago we would have felt like it was something we had to do and now we feel like it’s something we get to do!

We feel like we could never actually cover everything we want you to know, but please, take this small letter as an unconditional thank you and a hug that will never let go.

Your eternally grateful recipients

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